c1990 and 2012 Aerial Views of High Ham village

      c1990 photos sold to residents by a commercial aerial photographer (unknown)

      2012 photos taken by Frank Gibbs, Furlong House, Henley                                              



                                                c1990   High Ham village looking north to top of Ham Hill (New Road) descending to Henley and northwards across King's Sedgemoor to Pedwell     



                 c1990 High Ham looking north-east over st Andrew's Church, Manor Farm. On the upper left can be seen Fountain Lane, the old entry to the village, with Ham Hill (New Road) to the right 


                                                                                               c1990 High Ham,The Old Rectory on the left with the recently built High Ham C of E primary School 



                                                                         c2012 High Ham looking south-west at junction of Fountain Lane (the original route into High Ham, with Ham Hill (New Road)



                                   c2012 High Ham looking north-east to the top of Fountain and Ham Hill. Lower left is Fountain Farm, lower right, The King's Head and the top of St Andrew's Close




                                                                                                                         c2012Henley, Furlong House and Furlong Farm




                                                                                                    C 2012 High Ham, Manor Farm lower left, The Grange above with Hawthorn Close to the right



                                                                                         c2012 High Ham looking west over main road through village and St Andrew's Close, Memorial Village Hall far left



                                                                                                                          c 2012 High Ham looking west over the top of Fountain Lane