Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council generally meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Meetings start at 7.30 pm, typically last for a couple of hours and are open to the public. Notices for a meeting, listing the topics to be discussed, are posted on the website and also on the parish notice boards at least 3 clear working days beforehand.

 Provisional Meeting Dates for 2024 for 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Jan     - 30th Jan

Feb -  27th Feb - agenda items by 21 Feb

Mar - 26th Mar - agenda items by 20 Mar

Apr - 23rd Apr - agenda items by 17 Apr

May - 28th May - agenda items by 22 May

Jun - 25th Jun - agenda items by 19 Jun

Jul - 23rd Jul - agenda items by 17 Jul

Aug  - 27th Aug - agenda items by 21 Aug (this meeting only takes place if there are urgent agenda items)

Sep - 24th Sep - agenda items by 18 Sep

Oct - 22nd Oct - agenda items by 16 Oct

Nov - 26th Nov - agenda items by 20 Nov

Dec - 17th Dec - agenda items by 11 Dec





Please visit the Minutes and Agendas page for more information

The Parish Council adopted the new Somerset Code of Conduct in June 2022.  (click here for document)