2024 Parish Lengthsman Activity

March '24 The last 3 trees adjacent to power lines have been pollarded by HiLine. 
Since the end of February Craig and Rachael have started vegetation management: cutting the grass in the cemetery and millennium wood. Millennium wood is still quite wet in places so there are some areas they will leave until it’s dry enough to get on them to cut.
They have also been tidying the cemetery including the Garden of Rest, trimming back the hedges and trees overhanging the paths and removing plastics. They have been carrying out thinning in Millennium Wood, removing some of the worst affected ash trees focusing mainly on those that are close to the rides and areas of higher footfall.
February '24 Pollarding the trees on The Green. Lengthsman Craig Howe assisted by Reuben pollarded till all the trees clear of power lines. The trees have been regularly pollarded since their planting over a century ago. The work is funded by HH Parish Council as is the rôle of Parish Lengthsman.