PLOUGH MONDAY 11th January 2021 video message
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

PLOUGH MONDAY 11th January 2021

Message from Rev. Jess Pitman. PLOUGH MONDAY !!! the day of celebration that follows PLOUGH SUNDAY.  I am celebrating that the video has finally uploaded to youtube -  it's done!  ALLELUIA! 
Contributions from local children, John Vigar, Margaret Porter, and more...

Of course I could have just sent it today anyway, as historically Plough Monday was the day of celebration, ribbon tying, folk dancing, bands of ploughman going about the place caorusing and offering NOT to plough up your garden in return for some coppers to go towards getting them some ale............ most likely drunk from a two-handled God Speed the Plough Mug whilst singing the Farmer's Toast as it appears at the end of this video.  John would only say it, not sing it!  Thank to everyone who contributed as always.

Should anyone who knows they have a really strong connection and often uploads successfully to youtube offer to upload the next when it's done that would be most marvellous. These are big files because we enjoy having different contributions but uploading should just be a matter of time.  Here the process begins and either stalls or stops, yesterday at 6%, today at 38% no apparent reason and then finally, again for no apparent reason, apart from the prayers perhaps, it's just done it!

So blessings for PLOUGH MONDAY

Rev Jess Pitman
Rector of Aller, High Ham with Low Ham
& Huish Episcopi cum Langport
Tel: 01458 251489/251881