Parish Family Research - useful links

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    High Ham Parish Community History Project website gives a snapshot of its work since 2011 in creating an extensive archive of parish-related 

    photographs, transcripts of interviews, and other material related to past life in the parish

    Photos of some headstones and memorial tablets in St Andrew's Church and graveyard - website page written 2012

    British Legion booklet listing the men of High Ham Parish who enlisted, killed in service. Photos, newspaper reports compiled by Philippa Brett

    Baptisms, burials and deaths - FreeREG pro upsides free searches of records which have been extracted from parish registers,

   non-conformist records

   Tapscott family tree - a comprehensive site

    Darch family - High Ham page of Dick Glover's website for the Darch family - includes parish-related surnames: Loader, Glover, Small, Keirl

   Eliza Hurd Family Tree - married William Windsor 1839 St Andrew's, High Ham

   Sherrin - John and Elizabeth Sherrin (neé Richards), who left High Ham for Australia in 1860

   Bown family history - families in Burrowbridge, Curry Rivel, Greinton, High Ham, Othery, & Pitney 

   Stembridge  and Paradise Mills - the millers - list of names

   Marriages 1754 - 1837,  High Ham St Andrew's  (England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index )