Parish Precept increase - an explanation
Friday, March 15, 2024

Message from HIGH HAM PARISH COUNCIL: There has been concern from some residents regarding the increase to the Parish Council Precept share of the Somerset Council tax, from April ‘24. Unfortunately, this element of the tax is shown only as a percentage increase. The annual increase in £s on a Band D house in the parish will be £37.03 per year. The Parish Precept increase is to cover inflation and additional parish maintenance that the PC will have to be responsible for in the future.
The budget for the year commencing April ‘24 came out at £41,965, and the PC has precepted for £41,750. The PC are not expecting to profit from the unfortunate but necessary increase in Precept. 
You can visit the Parish Community website and read the Minutes of the January PC meeting - page 4 shows the financial figures, and how the Precept increase was decided to ensure delivery of current services, and those that will have to be delivered in the future. The PC can explain the Precept increase in more detail at their March 26th meeting, 7.30pm at High Ham Village Hall. You are welcome to attend.

Assets owned and cared for by the PC.       Other- cared for/maintained by
*Cemetery.                                                      * The Pound
*Playing Field.                                                 * The Green
*Millennium Wood.                                         * 3 telephone boxes
                                                                          * 3 defibrillators
                                                                          * St. Andrew’s churchyard wall
                                                                          *4 road salt bins
The PC also:
* maintain the Parsh Community website
*support the 2 volunteers who strim parish footpaths
* provide Christmas Tree and refreshments for Carols Round the Tree
*funded the installation of the Pound Toposcope, and the refurbishment of the historic fingerposts by volunteers